My experience as a student with the EPICA ePortfolio

Sebastian Misiko, Maseno University student, Kenya


As we all know, there are pros and cons to everything including the web portals we use.

Firstly, the EPICA ePortfolio was designed for various purposes. These include accessibility to notes, to act as an assignment platform, for discussions and also forums. On a scale of one to five I would rate it at four in terms of how effortlessly the ePortfolio works, because it is easy to navigate and has no complicated procedures.

Also, it is user friendly for those who use it do not have to pay to access it and assignments are easily accessible as one can access them from the to do tasks.

Depending on the school, some units are purely online which is a good thing as students can access notes and read ahead of the lecturer. It impacts students positively as they work on the given deadlines.

Another good thing about this ePortfolio is that one can easily communicate with the lecturer by just sending a text to him or her with the possibility for an immediate reply.

Also, the ePortfolio has timeout sessions which is a merit as one may not use it for adverse means if not logged out. The platform accommodates each one’s perspective as the students get to give their views on different topics. From my experience with the EPICA ePortfolio, it  encourages you as you get reports directly and even have a performance ladder which runs from the best.

The application works only under the condition of access to the internet. This is one of the negative aspects as it will limit the use to people who are not in a position to access good internet connectivity. Another unfavorable factor is the fact that the platform gets overloaded when most students are trying to submit their assignments to meet the deadlines.

In my conclusion, the EPICA ePortfolio is a great platform and I believe that anyone who tries will like it.