EPICA at ICDE World Conference

By Jean-Baptiste Milon 


The EPICA Project was presented at the 28th ICDE World Conference held in November 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

The 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning in Dublin is one of the largest and most prestigious international conferences in the area. The conference theme of “Transforming Lives and Societies” anchors the growth of new models of open, online and digital learning in a number of big questions and the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to explore many of the contemporary problems and opportunities facing today’s educators in the globally connected digital-era. The organising team was the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) at Dublin City University (DCU).


A Poster designed by the MyDocumenta Team (Dr. Andrea Contino) was presented at the poster session. The poster provided an overview of the EPICA Eportfolio ecosystem and the interactions between the Administrator, the Teachers, the Students and the Employers.

This international conference was also the opportunity for the EPICA Consortium represented by ICWE (Mrs. Rebecca Stromeyer) and ICDE (Mr. Jean-Baptiste Milon & Mr. Snorre Qveim-Leikanger) to engage all partner institutions and potential funding bodies and raise awareness on the sustainability needs of the EPICA Eportfolio. As private Sub-Saharan universities base their sustainability model in revenues from donors, and, public ones from governmental public procurement, EPICA aims to engage key actors for a strong and stable eportfolio demand through public and donor procurement of innovation for HEI institutions. In that way, EPICA is establishing liaisons with the public sector and donors and attempts to create a framework that would facilitate the assessment and adoption of the ePortfolio in Sub-Saharan states and Pan-African institutions.