EPICA at OEB 2019, The Global Leading Conference & Exhibition on Technology-Supported Learning and Training

On Friday November 29th, the EPICA Initiative had the opportunity to be presented at OEB Global & Learning Technologies Conference in Berlin. It was a real privilege to have the chance to present the last developments of EPICA to such a high-level expert audience.

The project was presented by Rebecca Stromeyer, CEO of ICWE and Founder of eLearning Africa, Germany.

In a highly interactive session specifically dedicated to the EPICA project and after almost 2 years since the start of the project, the session had a short introduction about the specific goals of the project and the work developed in the past months, but there was also a chance to make a short demo on how the EPICA ePortfolio actually works, as it is actually ready for the Pilot phase that is already being implemented in the African universities.

The session had an amazing input from all participants who gave instant feedback on all issues that were addressed. Especially interesting for participants were all aspects related with the visibility of competences that the ePortfolio includes as a major innovative feature compared to other existing tools.

Another interesting aspect to highlight was the interest of participants to get access to the EPICA ePortfolio once it is market ready, so different exploitation options were suggested during the session as potential options to become future users of it.

Participants of the session came from both European and African institutions and it was especially remarkable the participation of a delegate from LinkedIn Europe who made highly valuable suggestions and was highly impressed by the outcomes made so far by the EPICA Initiative.

Click for details of the session.

We would like to thank the OEB organisers, as well as all the participants who made our presence on behalf of EPICA such a valuable delight for us and the project as a whole.