On the 22nd of January 2020 the entire EPICA Consortium gathered in Kampala, Uganda for the 5th partner meeting of the project.

EPICA is a strategic partnership between Europe and Africa. The objective of the project is to bring together businesses, organisations and universities in both Europe and Africa by designing an innovative, scalable ePortfolio, which will improve the quality, visibility and availability of new skills.

The meeting was organised and hosted by Makerere University, one of the project partner universities. Opening remarks were made by Mr. Jean-Baptiste Milon, Project Coordinator of the EPICA project and by Dr. Umar Kakumba, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Makerere University. The main purpose of the meeting was to initiate the start of the pilot. The project has now entered its third and last year and as of February 1st, the piloting phase will commence at the three African universities: Makerere University, Maseno University and the Open University of Tanzania and one Spanish university, Open University of Catalonia.

On the 23rd of January, the 2nd review of the EPICA External Advisory Board was completed. The EAB was composed of three individual reviewers from Hungary, Uganda and Rwanda. In the afternoon the consortium was invited to visit Makerere University by the College of Education and External Studies. The consortium was welcomed by Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi, Director at the Directorate of Research & Graduate Training. Prof. Mukadasi gave the opening remarks followed by a presentation on the work of Makerere University in not only education but also in Research & Development. This is a unique case as Makerere University is among one of the few African Research-based universities. The closing remarks were made by Mr. Milon highlighting that Makerere University is an institution and has become for Eastern Africa and maybe for the entire African continent an example to follow, leading the way and setting the standard for other African universities.

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